You know, its this manner to talk: "Aleshenka? From it there will be an excellent navigator, o-excellent, here will see!" It is
very glad for you, krasnolitsyj.
I had to come off on half an hour the letter and to listen to complaints of my neighbour, kibernetista ShCherbakova. You,
possibly, know that to the north from raketodroma there is a building of grandiose underground industrial complex on
processing of uranium and transuranites. People work in six changes. Robots - all day and night; remarkable cars, last word
of practical cybernetics. But, as Japanese speak, the monkey too falls from a tree.
Now to me has come Scherbaks, malicious as lines, and has informed that the gang of these mechanical idiots (its own
words) has this night taken away one of large warehouses of ore, having accepted it, obviously, for extraordinary rich
deposit. Programs at robots were different, therefore by the morning the warehouse part has appeared in warehouses
raketodroma, a part - at an input in geological management, and a part in general it is not known where. Searches proceed. I
as could have consoled ShCherbakova (has not died nearly of pressure, trying to keep a serious kind) - and have returned to
the letter.
Actually, it is time to finish. The rest feather asks, and my name is on procedures. I wish to inform only to you that Michael is
now recalled on Amalteju. Amalteja is the Fifth companion of Jupiter. This true you, possibly, have learnt at school, but have
forgotten, certainly. There curious things are now started.
And in general: you will be the navigator, will be also the captain, I know you.
But "Aspice hoc sublime candens, quem invocant omnes Iovem", that is: "Look at this raised shine which all name Jupiter".
I pray - look! The following big storm will be there.
Yes, Misha said to me that Dauge has definitively recovered and Krajuhinu requests annoys to direct it here. Has put, of
course, noble, but you try to dissuade it at a meeting. Let will wait, while we will not spread here gardens. And if to speak
seriously I simply am afraid of fever relapses. But all the same devilishly it would be desirable to see you, demons damned